Harnett County 4-H Alum Highlighted in 4-H Camp Video

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Joseph (Joey) Garron, Harnett County 4-H Alum, was highlighted in a new North Carolina 4-H Camping video to show the impact that 4-H has had on his life and how he is sharing those life experiences to impacts new 4-H campers. Please take a couple of minutes to see his story and you will see the value of 4-H camp on our youth.

Harnett County 4-H takes a delegation of campers every year to one our three 4-H Camps. Youth ages 8 to 14 can attend 4-H camp. If you are interested in your child attending 4-H Camp with us in the summer of 2019, please call 910-814-6027.

Jackie L. Helton – Harnett County 4-H Agent

Joey Garron 4-H Camp Video